the principles

Our Ten Guiding Principles are the foundation of our company. They are the driving force behind our people and the day-to-day rhythm of each of our facilities.

Our Ten Guiding Principles set us apart:

- Act with integrity

- Have a plan

- Take ownership

- Focus with passion

- Show up and never quit

- Do not blame or judge

- Pitch in

- Be big, not little

- Laugh and celebrate

- Be grateful

Core Services Powered By Ten.

The Ten Guiding Principles are the daily mode of operation for all of our facilities. We believe they call for the excellence and compassion necessary for carrying out the business of healthcare, and we know it helps us outperform in the CORE SERVICES of our field:


Staying ahead through strategy, experience and vision.

We are viewed as key leaders in our industry and take our roles as such very seriously. More...



Leveraging resources to produce results.

We are responsible for growing each of our individual surgical facility partnerships. More...



Progress through focused development.

We are focused on identifying new product lines, techniques, and cutting edge advancements in technology suitable for ASCs. More...



Committed to quality care.

We are dedicated to delivering high quality clinical services to every patient in every facility. More...


Steady advice in the midst of constant change.

We are committed to ensuring that our facilities are in compliance in a highly regulated, ever-evolving industry. More...



Active in shaping our industry.

We are passionately engaged in both the legislative and grassroots efforts to ensure that the services provided in our facilities are available to all. More...